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June 01, 2006

Total waste of thursday

I cant believe we are already in June. It's practically summer but here it's just raining and raining. Luckily I'm not going to work today so I can stay indoor in my nice warm and DRY apartment =)
AND not for the first time I have come across a website that has totally fixated me here in front of the computer. I KNOW it's not a good idea for me to get started on those online games with hard to solve riddles *grr* I just cant leave them alone!!
I got tempted by the name - CLEVER waste of time - yep you need to be clever but its still a waste of time
So please enter at your own risk, dont come crying to me when you get addicted because I dont know how to save you
And no Im not gonna tell you what level Im stuck at right now - that would simply be too embarrasing cause its NOT a very high level

May 31, 2006

Cock in a box

I am sllloooowly turning into a human again after last night's school meeting that turned me into a zombie. I really dont see why its so important that we dont miss those meetings *sigh* oh well.

Friday I'm going out with the married man. Just for a cup of coffee in a café or something like that in the afternoon. Pretty harmless but I think it's a big thing for him he gave me all kinds of instructions because he's so afraid to get caught so if we meet someone he knows I'll have to pretend it's a business meeting hehehe... but that's okay, I like to live my life dangerous

- and I know for sure that he needs to be home at dinner time. It's almost like dating a 10 year old

Oh, and I found something funny today - a man tries to sell his wife's box on ebay because his cock wont fit in - read it here

Thats all for today - take care

May 30, 2006

Short update

Tonight (in one hour from now) I'm leaving for a meeting at my school - just some boring stuff about school structure or something like that. So I'm kind of in a hurry because I need to eat before I go.

Nothing big happened today anyway. I still get emails from the married man from work - he asked me if I wanted to drink a cup of coffee with him one day... I think I'll say yes =)

Gotta go now - sorry for the short update - see ya tomorrow

May 29, 2006

Lot of attention from the married man

I got myself a married "admirer" this weekend hehehe Yep its the man from work that I mentioned in my last entry, he who picked me up and brought me home again when I went to the bowling/eating/party arrangement.

It was exactly as I thought, he's married and I think he's just bored at home and wants a little exitement. So I get a lot of attention from him now

Let me just say we didn't do anything - no kissing or any of that... he was such a gentleman saturday because he could have easily taken advantage of me, I got too much to drink so I was an easy "victim" (I get so horny when I'm drunk) but he just drove me home and got me inside and... hehehe this is so funny... he struggled with my boots for a long time to get them off I really hate those boots they get sort of "sticky" and impossible to get off. Oh well.

And sunday he sent me several very sweet emails to hear if I was okay.

Then today at work he found excuses to come to my office all the time... it's almost too much but also very flattering. If he continues it will be noticed by others at work so I hope he will turn it down just a little.

I dont really know what to do about it - or IF I should do anything about it. It's nice to get attention and as long as it is so innocent I guess its okay. Maybe he wants some kind of secret lover? Maybe that would be okay with me... well lets see, things havent developed to that yet.

May 27, 2006

Fun evening with Susan

Helloooo! =)

I had such a great evening yesterday and it got so late that I didnt get back to do updates - but I'll do a huuuuge one today - promise!

As mentioned yesterday I suddenly got a phone call from a friend (her name is Susan). So she came over and I made my world famous tomato soup.

My room mate Marie was at her boyfriends house (as usual) so it was just me and Susan. I had'nt seen her for 4-5 months so we had a lot to talk about... and it was sooo nice - a real girly gossip evening and she brought a bottle of wine but I only drank one glass because I know I'll probably get a lot to drink tonight when I'm out bowling and partying with people from work.

When I'm finished with my huuuge saturday update I will get ready for tonight. Still havent figured out what to wear - maybe a dress that is not too short.

It's raining right now but luckily a man I work with promised to come and pick me up. Hmm - actually I got an email from him an hour ago, I have a feeling he is more than just friendly interested in me... but I also think he is married - well I havent asked him so I'm not sure.

I'll let you know tomorrow or monday (depending on how wasted I am) how things went.

May 26, 2006

Change of plans

Oooh, I just came home from a little walk and expected to have all evening to do updates and answer emails etc etc but then a friend of mine called and invited herself over!

So BIG change of plans. If she leaves early I'll do updates when she's gone.

I even promised to make us something to eat - uh-oh what to do? Hmm my head is empty... maybe tomato soup? One of the few things I know how to make

Well, have a nice evening all you lovely people!

May 25, 2006

One of my dirty secrets

Today has been exactly as planned. The plan was "nothing" and that's what happened so far
I didn't even bother to get dressed and comb my hair - I have very long hair and it really looks like a mess right now - and together with the oversized Tshirt I slept in... well.. lets just say that if someone knocks on my door I'll pretend no one is home.
Todays secret thoughts: Sometimes I want to meet with a strangers who pays me to have sex with him. We will go to a hotel room and I'll have to do all he asks me to because he "bought" me.
He wouldnt ask for my name or have any interest in my person, I would only be someone he wants to fuck.
The whole situation would be pretty humiliating for me - I would have to accept all he wanted.
That's one of my "dark secrets" - I always get horny when I think of it. I cant tell anyone except here. If I told this to Marie or other of my friends they would probably tell me I'm sick - maybe I am, hehehe
And the even darker secret is that I often want to live it out, I dont want it to be just a fantasy... scary, huh? But I'm not sure if I dare to do it. Could be dangerous. But still I find it tempting!

May 24, 2006

I wanna webcam chat again

Oh my I got a pleasant surprise today! I TOTALLY forgot that I'm not going to work tomorrow and friday *yayy*! Now I can really gather all my strength and energy and let it EXPLODE saturday!
Mmmh! Two whole days all to myself now =)
Marie still has the same boyfriend, it feels like they've been dating for a looong time now... good for her but sometimes boring for me. We are room mates but I hardly ever see her between work and parties and dating. Sometimes I miss "the good old days" when I was secretly attracted to her - and when we began sleeping in the same bed. We still do when she is here but it's not the same.
Luckily I have Belle (my cat) to keep me company. Sometimes I miss having a boyfriend though *sigh* but I'm sure if I got one I would miss being single.
Last couple of weeks I've been chatting (on the internet) when I needed a little "human contact" and I even consider finding my old webcam again, I think I never unpacked it last time I moved, it's probably still in a box somewhere.
If I get bored tomorrow I'll look for it. Two years ago I couldnt live without it - I used it almost daily and I could chat and cam with hot guys for hours why did I ever give up such a healthy interest? hehe...
Oh, I just remember that I actually used my webcam a bit here too! Hmm then it must be somewhere hidden in all my mess =)

May 23, 2006

Naughty movies

I'm at work, it's my lunch break now and I'm just sitting here... I spoke to a guy who is also going to the bowling thing saturday, he seemed nice =) it's a good way to get to know people in the company. He even offered to pick me up and drive me home again!
I'm not really sure what to wear. Bowling and eating and party... I dont even remember how to bowl but I guess that a REALLY short skirt could get too revealing when I bowl... would be embarrasing
Oh btw I got messages from some of you who wanted to know about my dark side... hehehe... I mentioned the other day that I have a secret dark side. I'll tell ya soon
I also got a few requests to post more movies, so here's a little I found: Shake your booty and Busted! and Bouncy girl and webcam ass and Big boobs car wash and Peeking on girls
Hope you like them =)

May 22, 2006

Will I ever learn

Dont ask me how I survived this monday at work. It was probably an overdoze of coffee that gave me a little bit of energy. But HALLELUJA I made it
The party saturday (well not the party but the hang over) really made me feel old - not THIS old though, hehe - but still - it's not good when I have to use several days to get normal again.
And it seems I havent even learned my lesson because today at work I said yes to a party next saturday. I think I mentioned it before, there's a "party list" at work, like a group of people who go out together - and I'm on the list and saturday they're going out to eat and bowl and dance.
I'll have to live extremely healthy this week and get plenty of sleep - then maybe I'll survive it. And dont remind me of the "never again" promise I made to myself yesterday *sigh* yeah it's embarrasing that I change my mind so fast.

May 21, 2006

Wild party and I need sleep

I have got to stop drinking so much! Just the thought of beer makes me sick today! The birthday party I went to yesterday was wild, everyone drank too much, there was broken glass everywhere on the floor, at least 4 girls got sich (luckily not me) hmm and I dont remember everything clearly... I guess it looked a little like this when the party ended
So my promise to myself: never again.
I just wanna sleep now but I'll have to wash some clothes first. And early tomorrow I'm going to work again *sigh* so no more update today, I've got too much to do.

May 19, 2006

Secrets and confessions

Yeah I survived study group yesterday! Now I need to read the book we were supposed to discuss yesterday.
And I HAVE been reading for at least an hour now! But not in the book. I found something much more interesting - I came across a blog about secrets and confessions and I found out there are lots of them! And it's really entertaining to read. Makes me so happy to know I'm not the only one who has secrets, do stupid things, do forbidden things etc etc...
So if you have an hour or more to kill then have a look at these links:
Group Hug - mostly short stories and comments, seems like a good place if ya just wanna let out some steam. Lots of funny little secrets.
The stories you cannot tell - this site has some pretty long detailed stories, very amusing to see how honest people are when they are protected by anonymity, also lots of really hot sexrelated stories.
Post Secret - a mix of art and confessions, very special site and it has won some blog awards.
I wonder why I find it so interesting to read other peoples stories. Maybe it's just like I mentioned before nice to know other people have secrets too. Peoples dark sides have always fascinated me and I guess I'm not alone on that, or else those websites would've never existed.
And speaking of dark sides - I've had some thoughts lately that I guess come from a dark side of me... haven't mentioned it here before and I'll not write it today, but I'll think about how to write it soon... hmm wow I do sound very mysterious today, huh?
And now the week-end is near! I'm going to a friends birthday party tomorrow and probably get drunk! Maybe show some dark sides hehehe! I'll be back saturday or sunday =)

May 18, 2006

Stupid study group

Oh man I'm going to a study group meeting tonight. Actually I'm going in half an hour *sigh* And I cannot skip it, I did that last time with some lame excuse...
To be honest I havent had time to read the book we're going to discuss - when I try I fall asleep. So I'll have to improvise It's terrible, I know.

May 17, 2006

Remember this

Just a little "shout out": Do you guys and girls remember to check my Own Galleries regularly? I do update that site almost daily, all galleries are made by myself - remember there ain't much fun in making new galleries all the time if you people dont know where they are, right?
I'm at work right now and a bit bored. An hour ago the phone rang continuously but now everything is silent - maybe everyone went to lunch break.
Oh, and by the way, for those curious souls who read my diary entry yesterday: I still havent tried to use my electric tooth brush as a sex toy. I went to the bath room and held it in my hand but I just couldn't do it... it seemed sooo weird maybe I need to get more used to the thought first...
IF I ever get used to the thought I will probably use it outside on my panties and just let it vibrate through my panties. See! I already got it all planned now I only need to get over myself.
Well, now I will leave you, my turn to eat lunch - see ya!

May 16, 2006

Sex toy test

Hahaha oh I got so humiliated today! I took an online test: "Sex toy or baby toy?" and I did really REALLY bad! Only 5 correct answers out of 15.
The verdict: "You fail. Stay out of the bedroom. Not to mention the nursery"
How is that possible?? - I thought I knew all there is to know about sex toys - but I guess not, so I'll have to keep studying
If you wanna beat my lousy test result you can do it right here
Hmm and it seems there are more interesting things on that site... just look at these toothbrush confessions ... whoa... now I feel even more stupid! I had NO idea that so many women use their electric toothbrush as a sex toy! My God I still have much to learn...
And right now I actually consider trying it out myself.

May 15, 2006

Fuckingmachines and hentai porn

Sometimes I find sites that are not really appropriate to show on a babelog like this - and no I do NOT mean sites with animal babies
Mostly I just keep those "inappropriate links" to myself. But today my plan is to make things a little different... (evil laughter)
So I have to sites I like that are not really "babelog material". The first one I have actually mentioned before some time ago, it's extremely hardcore and I guess you will either love it or hate it. It's the fuckingmachines site! I personally can't get enough of it so here are a couple of new movie galleries:
3 girls fuck eachother
Alone on the floor with a machine
The next site is not as extreme - some would even say it's not a real porn site but I dont care, I like it =) It's a hentai site and here are two movie galleries that I like:
Tied up girl gets groped
Old man fingers young girl
So this was todays extremely unusual input from me - I hope it didnt leave you scarred for life ;))

May 14, 2006

New batteries for my toys

I skipped my diary entry yesterday - simply because of lazyness. I'm so terribly lazy that I cant even come up with a decent excuse - "The dog ate it" is not working anymore
Yesterday I went out and bought new batteries for my toys - and of course I had to test if they worked okay - heh heh - luckily they did so I stayed in bed most of the afternoon trying out new combinations...
There are lots of nice ways to use them but right now I actually prefer to use just one, a red vibrating dildo that is kind of soft but also a little hard. It's also the most silent of them.
I dont use it so much for penetration but more on the outside around my clit. If I put it directly on my clit I can get an orgasm in like 10 seconds but mostly I dont do it so quickly - its better to drag it out a little =)
And now I'm getting horny again...

May 11, 2006

Saved by the air condition

Hahaha I'm at work right now and I feel so stupid! In my diary entry yesterday I complained about how terribly hot it was in my office (I sit alone in a small room with a big window).
This morning when I came back the first thing I notice is a box on the wall behind the door. Guess what? It's an air condition! And guess what? I turned it on and now the temperature is perfect. I am SO happy that I didn't tell anyone about my hot office, that would have been embarrasing
So now there's no reason to sit and work dressed in a bikini - I need another excuse to do that.
Oh and yesterdays terrible headacke is gone too *phew* Marie was so sweet and massaged my neck and my back for a looong time last night in bed.
Slowly my pain disappeared and was replaced by feeling horny. There is still something special by being touched by another girl, it feels different than when a guy does it.
After the massage we kissed a little and then we fell asleep close together - that was nice =)

May 10, 2006

Awfully hot

Today at work was awful. It was SO hot. Who ever designed that office building didn't realize how terribly hot it is to sit behind a very big window with the sun burning *grr*
Maybe I should go to work tomorrow dressed in bikini just to make my point?
But seriously, I need to do something about it because now - many hours after I came home - my head feels like it's gonna explode!! Maybe the sun has boiled my brain!
It's amazing so many problems I have with the sun these days - boiling brain, sun burn etc etc - but I still love it
I think the best thing for me right now is to sit here and relax and get finished with my updates and then go to bed early.Oh, and I told Marie and she felt so sorry for me so she's promised to give me a massage =)
I cross my fingers for rain tomorrow...

May 09, 2006

About sunburn, bikini and perfect water

Hmm! I forgot one little - but very important - detail yesterday at the beach. I forgot that I dont get a tan - I get RED!
I have SUCH a sun burn. It's really terrible and I feel stupid, luckily I can laugh at my own stupidity and how can I forget it every year?
But that's not the only thing I forget. Every year I realise summer is coming and I see a flower and I pick it and I wanna smell it and I inhaaaale and... then I can sneeze for days my nose gets totally destroyed - dunno why I make the same mistakes again and again, I get so happy because the weather is so great and then all thoughts leave my head I guess.
Besides all that we had a very nice trip to the beach. We arrived late in the afternoon just as most people were heading home to eat. But the sun was still there (ooh sun burn) and the water was just perfect! So I had a swin for the first time this year.
And I flashed my new bikini and my body - though I still feel like I need to get in better shape... it's a never ending fight

May 08, 2006

Going to the beach

Wehaa! In a moment I'm going for an afternoon trip to a beach! It'll take us about 30 minutes in car and I'm going with Marie and her boyfriend and his friend (yep the guy I fucked with heh heh)
Sooo I'm in a hurry now - just need to pack my bikini and a towel and stuff then I'm gone =)
And dont worry, all my weekend negativity is totally gone AND when I return tonight - hopefully with a nice tan - I'll throw in some new galleries for ya all!
SO! Marie is consistantly knocking at my door so I better get moving - I wish you all a super duper sunny day!!
Biiig hugs and kiss from me

May 07, 2006

Boring update

Oooh it did not turn out to be the great weekend I had hoped for =(
Yesterday (saturday) I wasn't myself all day. I was so tired, headacke, actually my whole body felt strange, maybe I ate something that made me sick? I tried to sleep but couldn't *sigh* what a waste of saturday.
But today I already feel much better, only a little tired...
I must pull myself together now and go out to buy some food, and then maybe rest a bit, and after that I'll do a gallery update at my sites =)
I just opened a window and found out how nice the weather is - and it sounds like there are 1000's of birds right outside...
Well, this is the end of todays boring update, I hope it will be more positive tomorrow =)

May 05, 2006

Happy friday

Today is a happy day, it's friday and the sun is shining! And I can't stop smiling because everything is so great =)
I got some funny links first:
Look at this computer bed - pretty sweet! Could save a lot of people a lot of space.
And here's a COOL guy - his hair is just so funny! Excellent idea!
So do any of you have exiting plans for the weekend? I'm not really sure myself... maybe it's going to be yet another "way too drunk and easy to fuck" weekend OR the opposite - if I stay home.
I feel like partying so I think I'll go for the first choice.
Hmm... when you look at my sex life things have really changed lately. After a long period of time where I didn't have much body contact with others than Marie, it's now emproving - I have been with some really cute guys and I totally like it!
This is excactly the way I want it to be, it's not too serious and complicated, and I'm getting better and better at telling men what I want so we avoid misunderstandings =)
So I'm very happy with my life right now =)

May 04, 2006

I had GREAT sex

Thursday morning and I got fucked all night, heh heh! I woke up about an hour ago and was in panic for 5 seconds SHIT! I'M LATE FOR WORK! Then I remembered I had the day off because I worked so much last week.
And THEN I remembered how great last night was...
First when he came I was a little surprised. He looked so much younger than I remembered. It's sometimes a big difference to see people in bright light.
Still he was very cute =)
And as long as we didnt talk too much we got along just fine We went directly into the bedroom and started kissing - I had been horny for hours so I saw no reason to drag it out.
First he was a bit shy and very gentle so I had to tell him I wouldn't break if he fucked me harder - That's the good thing about young guys they are mostly very willing to learn
So he did it MUCH harder and he could just go on and on... and when he was finished he only needed 2 minutes rest then he was ready again! My God what an energy he had! But I liked it.
After 3 "rounds" we slept a little and then I woke up to the wonderful feeling of his tongue licking my pussy... he might be young but he was already a good lover! He licked me just right and had two fingers inside of me and I came so hard!
Then he fucked me again and this time I could feel he didn't have much strength left - I too was totally wasted. And after that he had to leave cause he was going to work only a few hours later. Poor him. I stayed in bed feeling sooo fine and satishfied =)

May 03, 2006

Dirty talk from work

Okay so I'll have to do my updates from work today again, cause I'm busy tonight... busy with having sex hopefully
When I come home from work I need to get ready for the evening. Need to do some cleaning so he doesn't discover how messy I am - none of his business and I need to shower, do something with my hair (total bad hair day), do my make-up etc etc and have a little bit of wine before he comes so I can loosen up...
I told Marie that I get company tonight and she decided she might as well spend the night at her boyfriends place when she's off from work. Then I can have our place to myself, great! As soon as my "sex date" has arrived I can lock the door and abuse him - muhahaha! (naah dont worry, I'll be good - or bad - whatever he likes )
So there, no more dirty talk. I'm at work and it's not a good place for me to get horny. I'll finish off now, see ya tomorrow!

May 02, 2006

He did call me

Guess who called me today... the guy I met saturday and kissed and danced with all night =) First he called me two times while I was at work (but I didnt answer the phone) then he left a couple messages... and when I came home he called me again and I finally had a chance to answer.
I know already that we don't have much in common. So it was a little... hmm... not very easy to talk on the phone - only thing we both want is sex (not phonesex ) I don't really care what happens in his life and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way with me. So our conversation was short, we planned to meet here tomorrow evening (marie is working late).
Heh, right now I don't remember his face... but I can still recall how his body felt like. Oh well it was dark and stuff... if his face looks stupid I'll just turn off the light tomorrow.
I have this really short dress, I must have been drunk or something when I bought it because I would never show myself outside in it, it's more like some kind of silky underwear, very sheer and short and sexy (it's white), I could wear it tomorrow when he comes... and "forget" to wear panties. No reason to wear ten pieces of clothes when he just wants to pull it off me again. Sometimes I am just so genious ;))

May 01, 2006

My busy weekend

Sorry that I only made a tiny gallery update this weekend but things were so hectic. Thank God I don't have to go to work today cause I've got so many loose ends I need to finish today.
Saturday I met with two friends and we had a strange evening. I must admit I think I am beginning to "grow away" from some of my old friends... or maybe we are all just beginning to grow up in different directions. It was like I didn't have so much in common with them and it was difficult to talk to them.
One of them wanted to get married and she talked for hours about how she could convince her boyfriend that it was a great idea. Marriage... to me it sounds like the worst idea ever but I was polite and kept my mouth shut. And that was what I did many times that evening to avoid arguments.
And the next day at my Mum's house I did it again (kept my mouth shut) cause she also has some stupid opinions about things. *grrr*! Now she has the idea that I must be sick, or I LOOK sick. But I was just tired after my saturday night out.
Oh, and it got LATE saturday, very late. My plan was to go out with my two friends but they wanted to go home early - probably to talk some more about marriage or whatever - so I continued on my own. I was drunk and not the least bit shy.
I danced with 5 or 6 guys and then found one I liked.. a real cute looking one but very young, atleast a couple years younger than me, but he was a good kisser he asked me if he could come home with me but I said no... then we danced some more and his hands were everywhere even under my clothes but it was nice =) and I did the same with him, oh my he had a great body!
I think we kept on like that for hours and I could feel the poor boy just wanted to fuck me but I was so drunk and so tired. In the end I told him to call me and then I went home, it was sunday morning and I felt sooo wasted. I knew I was going to visit my Mum later and that made me feel even worse oh I felt so sorry for myself.
If he actually does call me (I doubt that he does) then I think I'll tell him to come and visit me and we can have sex. Hmm right now I hope he does cause I am so horny.

April 28, 2006

SO relieved - and still horny

I just came home from the dentist - SO happy and SO relieved! My teeth were perfect, only complaint he had was that maybe I brushed them a little too hard *PHEWWW*
And on my way out from the dentist my cellphone rang, it was my Mum. She invited me over to dinner sunday evening and I was in such a good mood that I said yes, but now I already regret it.
It would have been better to use all sunday on recovering (because I plan to get sooo drunk saturday) but I guess I'll have to be fully recovered before 5pm sunday then.
My door is open right now (I'm in my own room) and I just saw Marie on her way to the bathroom. She was only wearing a sheer top and nothing under and her tits were really bouncing and I got this instant hot feeling inside... I get horny so easy these days! I can feel it in all my body, my pussy starts to tickle and my nipples get erect just seeing Marie walk by...
And I know that when I get a little to drink - one or two glasses of wine for example - then all my feelings get 10 times as strong, and I get 10 times as courageous, and my selfcontrol decreases... uh-oh!
I spoke to two of my good friends (girls) that I havent seen for months and we arranged to first meet and drink a little and then go out and see what's happening in town... not today but tomorrow - OH I look so much forward to it! I dont know how much time I have for updates this weekend but I'll do my best =)

April 27, 2006

Thoughts of girls

Ah shit I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I tried my best to forget it but I think it's best NOT to chicken out, already tried that and it just makes me feel even worse.
There's never anything wrong with my teeth but like many others I still have this little fear... even in my dreams I can have it - like I have this special dream/nightmare again and again where I am going to the dentist and when I'm in his chair I suddenly remember that there's ONE tooth I completely forgot to brush for months so crazy... and it always makes me panic.
Well, when I'm done at the dentist I have WEEKEND - and its a long one this time cause monday I have the whole day off too =) Mmmh! Maybe it's about time I get drunk and go out with some girlfriends? It's been so long since I saw most of my friends - except for Marie ofcourse.
And really... I could use someone to kiss on =) so if I could find one - male or female - that would be great! I still prefer men but lately my thoughts have been more and more on girls too... not only Marie but other girls - girls I see on the street, internet models, even a few girls at work! Maybe I'm ready to take the jump soon and try one more girl?
I think that IF I decide to do something with another girl besides Marie it will ONLY be kissing... and maybe a little touching outside of her clothes.
That was all from me today, be happy and behave =)

April 26, 2006

Flirting per instinct

I wonder if people notice how much I flirt. Hmm yeah maybe a strange thing to wonder about. It's just that today I noticed it myself, God damn I flirt with almost EVERY man I talk to! I simply do it per instinct helllp I cant stop it!
As soon as I'm close to a man it begins! I try to get eyecontact, smile, show some leg or cleavage "by mistake" etc etc...
And it gives me such a kick to do it - atleast when I feel it gets noticed, heh heh =)
But at the same time I guess it would be a little embarrasing if everyone thought of me as "That girl who flirts all the time".
Now that I started at my new job I'm suddenly getting aware of all my flirting... there are sooo many goodlooking men at work! My flirt adrenaline is pumping all the time
O well, it's pretty harmless I guess. And I think it makes men happy. And it makes ME happy =)
So now I gotta go for a little while, wednesday night is my best TV night with 3 series I just NEED to watch - I'll do a gallery update when I'm finished watching TV =)

April 25, 2006

Voices can be sexy

Heyyy! Once again I do my update from my little office at work. It's perfect! Maybe I should do that every day... it's much more fun than just staring at an empty wall that's for sure. Oh, and I did find a little chocolate hidden behind some books - pretty funny that she hides her candy but she'll have to do it better next time if she doesn't want ME to find it, heh heh!
I dont have any paperwork to do today so all I do is answer the phone. And it's not ringing all the time but I've been told to stay so I'll do that. It's interesting how a lot of people sound very sexy on the phone.. like they have really sexy voices... or maybe it's just because I'm horny and bored and want something interesting to happen?
Or maybe it just so happens that a lot of sexy men call me? Yep, I'll stick to that version, makes my job much more exiting
Today I wear one of my semi short skirts for the first time this year. It's getting more and more sunny so I don't see any reason to hide my legs away anymore. In a moment it's lunch break, most of us sit outside and eat when the weather is warm enough so I think I'll go out there now and flash my legs a little... it's the only chance I have cause right here they're just hidden away under my table.
Later (when I come home) I'll do a biiig gallery update, so stay close!

April 23, 2006

Adult sites and porn addiction

Still a tiny bit left of my sunday evening. Honestly this has been one of my more lazy weekends, I've done nothing but relaxing and watching TV and surfing dirty websites
So there's not much new to tell from my life.
And for those who fear that I am developing a porn addiction from surfing all those adult websites - you can read here - apparently there is no such thing as a porn addiction - *phew*! yeah yeah I know probably no one wants to read it but just jump to "conclusion" then and read the first 2-3 lines =) (and then watch some porn, heh heh)
Ooooh tomorrow it's back to work in my little office so I better get some sleep now.

April 22, 2006

Just some funny old posts

I was looking through some old posts at my other blog today - and came across some really funny pictures I posted over a year ago. I had totally forgotten all about them but I dont think it will harm to bring em back to life - look and laugh
I'm not really gonna write anything today cause I'm so tired that I keep pressing the wrong letters so I think it's best if I just finish my update and then go to bed - what a terrible state to be in on a saturday night but I can't help it.
*BIG goodnight kiss to ya all*

April 21, 2006

Getting turned on again

It's friday afternoon here and my weekend has officially started! This time I really need it - I'm so wasted... I need to sleep for like 20 hours!
But first some updates
Here's an interesting blog to follow - it's called "One red paperclip" - The author started out with a red paperclip and then he traded it to something else and continued to trade for bigger and bigger things. His goal is... hold on... to get a HOUSE! And I'm sure he'll succeed one day.
Oh, and you have got to check out my latest gallery at my teen blog - Val is naked on the train - her body is sooo beautiful =)
I just can't forget about that evening when Marie and I were both masturbating in bed... it's not easy to describe how it felt but believe me it was VERY much a turn on! The sound of her breathing and little moans... and knowing she was listening to MY breathing and moans... oh my God I'm getting horny again!
And then I think it's funny how we keep it to ourselves so much that we dont even talk about it when we are alone... like we both think it's a bit embarrasing...
Well, for my part I still can't believe I actually do something like this with another girl. And when I dont say it out loud and only do it when it's dark then it's almost like if it's just a fantasy. Sounds crazy, I know. But I like it that way =)
I wish everyone a happy weekend, see ya again tomorrow!

April 20, 2006

My own little office

Heh, today I'm updating my site FROM WORK! - I know it's a bit risky but I'm allowed to use the computer for private purposes so I guess it's okay.
Actually there's been big changes - I'm sitting in "my own" little office. I am answering the phone and doing some boooring paper work for a woman who is sick.
It all began yesterday when she called in sick. Well she is pregnant and there were some complications so she had to relax and stay in bed for at least a week. And I was the only available person to answer her phone etc etc. Then today when I got here I was told I did such a good job yesterday that they wanted me to stay working in her office untill she returns.
That means doing what I'm best at: Talking on the phone (heh heh), doing some computer work and paper work, and at times just staring at the wall when there's nothing to do - like now. So I only try to make the best of my spare time =)
I'll wait with the gallery updates untill I come home, if someone can trace where I surf it's better to leave as few traces as possible
And when I have finished writing I'll see if the woman who usually sits here has some candy hidden somewhere... she MUST have, what else is there to do besides eating candy when you sit all alone in this office?

April 19, 2006

Give them orders

Hi there! =) Not much new to tell today, been to work and after that I tried to catch up on some homework *boring*
But I have a funny link, once again one of those "tell the girls what to do" sites - try it out here - and here some of the words I've tried out: kiss, spank, massage, get dirty, dance, limbo, wet, blowjob, legs... find more yourself

April 18, 2006

Double masturbation

I bet all those who read my entry yesterday wanna know if I had a good time with Marie last night... heh heh! Well we had a super time =) She came home and I gave her the chocolate bunny and she was SO happy and I got a biiiig hug.
About an hour later we were in bed, first we talked, she told me a little about what kind of sex she had with her boyfriend... and she told me he's still VERY much interested in what she is doing with me - but I guess most guys are very interested in girls having sex
The sex talk made us both horny and we started touching eachothers breasts... she wanted me to tell about what I did with Peter and I told her about the sex adventure we had outside sunday.
We kept on kissing and touching eachother and somehow we both started masturbating (on ourselves) it was very arousing to masturbate next to her... I get horny just thinking about it.
So bottom line it was a very nice evening

April 17, 2006

Surprises for Marie

I was at the gym today and it was terrible. I love to keep my fingernails pretty long but something went wrong with one of the exercising machines and I broke two of my nails *grrr* so the rest of the time my nails got stuck to my clothes and my hair and I gave up and went home yeah I know it's weak, I use every excuse to relax
Oh, and on my way home I bought a little chocolate easter bunny for Marie =) She'll be home in about an hour, then I'll give it to her. And then I'll ask her if she wants to go to bed early... it's been very long since she and I last did anything "naughty" together - so I wouldn't mind if it happened tonight.
I know she gets fucked all the time by her boyfriend but maybe she will show a little mercy to her poor girlfriend who only gets fucked now and then
I think I'll just have a quick shower before she comes home - see ya!

April 16, 2006

Outdoor sex experiment

A great sunday has come to an end. I had an interesting outdoor sex experience with Peter. We drove in his car to a place he knew (bet he's been there before with other girls ). It was a place in the middle of lots of fields where a bumpy old road lead into a forest with absolutely NO houses or people around. A perfect place for sex adventures...
He parked the car and we got out and it was surprisingly hot because the trees gave shelter and the sun was shining like if it was paid to do it so it came quite naturally to lay down in the grass and have sex. But I must admit I was too nevous to really enjoy it - I was exited but also nervous to get caught.
Luckily nobody saw anything (or so I hope) heh heh...
Tomorrow is my last day in freedom, then works and school starts again. What a shame, I was just getting used to this sweet life =(
Eek - look what I found today: This is just wrong!
Then I like THIS much better
Well I better get on with updating sites...

April 15, 2006

Spending time with Peter

Heyyy =) sorry for that short entry yesterday, but my body was physically worn out after a lot of sex and too much alcohol the day before. Today I'm more myself again
So I had this wonderful night with Marie's boyfriend's friend (his name is Peter) - and tomorrow I'll be gone all day (I'll be back to update my sites tomorrow evening) because Peter has invited me out on a little picnic. The weather is changing a lot right now but tomorrow should be dry and warm.
I'll have to thank Marie for putting a little "preassure" on me when I refused to meet her boyfriend and Peter - cause I have to admit she was right, Peter IS really cute and sweet =) and his body... ooh wow.
I've got one more link to erotic stories, I think I posted this link before but that doesn't make it any less great: Literotica!
I'm also making great progress with my new Teen Blog - Lots of bugs have been fixed and lots of galleries added.
Belle - our little kitten - is growing and growing, she's a real little Lady now. She is still inside all the time and I hope she's not picking up after me when it comes to boys, actually I hope my little girl stays a virgin all her life one can only hope.

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Oooh thank you all, thank you SO much! ;))

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